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AKC Quality Dachshunds means choosing a breeder who genuinely cares about their puppies. We go above and beyond to ensure our dachshund puppies are well-socialized and loved. Raised in a nurturing environment within our home, our puppies are familiar with the everyday sounds and activities of a household, making their transition to your home seamless.

AKC Quality Dachshunds’ dedication to the well-being of puppies extends beyond the point of sale. We encourage all new puppy owners to maintain contact with us, allowing us to provide ongoing support and guidance, and answer any questions you may have. We genuinely want the best for our dachshund puppies and strive to ensure they are placed in loving homes that will provide them with a lifetime of love and care.

When you bring home one of our miniature dachshund puppies, you can rest assured that they have received the best start in life. They are raised in our house and underfoot, receiving plenty of attention and socialization. Our puppies are handled with love, ensuring

they grow up to be well-adjusted and affectionate companions. We also take the time to pre-crate train them, making the transition to your home easier for both you and your new puppy.

Prioritizing their health, we provide age-appropriate vaccinations and deworming for all our puppies. Before they join your family, their dewclaws are also removed. We want to ensure that your dachshund puppy arrives healthy and ready to embark on a lifetime of adventures with you.

At AKC Quality Dachshunds, we take pride in our commitment to excellence. We offer a variety of dachshund puppies, including miniature, standard, and "tweenie" sizes. Each puppy comes with a one-year written health guarantee and is up to date on vaccinations and worming. Additionally, we provide a puppy kit that includes a sample of puppy food, a detailed health record, information about NuVet vitamins, and AKC registration paperwork.

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