German Shepherds Are Trustworthy and Loving to Their Owners in Yorba Linda, California

Full Description

These dogs possess a natural protective assertiveness towards their caregivers with minimum or no training. With enough training from a young age, German Shepherds take care of their owners, especially children. With their big size, they are often mistaken to be independent and aloof animals but in the real sense, they create quick bonds with their families. However, you are advised to keep

your kids from playing with German Shepherds while they are feeding. German Shepherds’ attributes make them stand out from other dog breeders. If you are looking for the best family protection dogs and a great companion, call VON WA-BO German Shepherds on (949) 463-8821. Our company deals with all types of German Shepherds; German Shepherd Puppies, German Shepherd dogs, and German Shepherd trained young adults.

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