German Shepherds Hold an Aloof Look That Scares Away Intrude in Yorba Linda, California

Full Description

A standard German Shepherd 26 inches tall at the shoulder. Their free and easy trot pace can change to reach higher speeds. They also have a particular aloofness that does not give them out as friends. A stranger can easily confuse this standoffishness with animosity. This serves as an advantage to keeping intruders away from your home and strangers

away from your kids. German Shepherds’ attributes make them stand out from other dog breeders. If you are looking for the best family protection dogs and a great companion, call VON WA-BO German Shepherds on (949) 463-8821. Our company deals with all types of German Shepherds; German Shepherd Puppies, German Shepherd dogs, and German Shepherd trained young adults.

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