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We had a litter of 8 Rat Toodle/Rattle puppies in December and they are ready to go to their new home!
We only have 4 left, all males.
Rat Toodles/Rattles are a mix between a Miniature Poodle and a Rat Terrier. Poodles have hypoallergenic fur and are one of the smartest dogs, while Rat Terriers are very energetic, playful, and rank high on intelligence, so this makes them a perfect mix for someone who wants a smart, playful, and adorable puppy!
They come in all sorts of colors. They are all different prices, so please look below.

#1 Name: Spot. Black with white spots on chest, neck, and paw, male $400
#2 Name: Clark. Black with small white spot on neck, male $200
#3 Name: Schnoodle. Black, male $400
#4 Name: Daisy. Brown with white spots on neck, chest, paw, and tip of tail, female $800 SOLD
#5 Name: Tucker. Cream colored, male $600
#6 Name: Figlet. Brown with white spots on neck, chest, and each paw, male $600 SOLD
#7 Name:

Fudge. Chocolate colored with white spots on chest and neck, male $1000 SOLD
#8 Name: Lewis. Black, male $400 SOLD

Our dogs are raised on Following Creation Farm, where we have Nigerian dwarf goats, Kunie Kunie pigs, Chickens, Turkey, and Quail. ALL our animals are raised naturally with minimal conventional medications, and as close to nature as possible. We also sell other foods and goods from our farm.
Our puppies are being weaned onto a raw diet (meat, yogurt, eggs, small amount of veg), and are being litter trained. Holistic health care. All puppies will come with a week's worth of food, a crate, and a small sample of natural products to start your pups on.
We will not ship our puppies via air transport. They may be picked up on our farm in Alabama, or we can deliver for a fee to certain areas of the following states:
• Alabama
• Georgia
• Tennessee
• Virginia
• West Virginia
• Maryland
• Pennsylvania
• New York
• Vermont

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