favorite this post offering joel yorkie He is microchipped, in Bokchito, Oklahoma

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We are offering Joel He is microchipped, has hier pedigree and has had basic training. is very well behaved and very sweet, she knows some hand commands (including sit and lay down), and she is eager to learn more. LOVES kids and people. In the past she has been skittish when meeting new dogs or people, but warms up quickly. sHe loves to run and play so she needs a big fenced in yard and another dog for her to play with is a plus. had the opportunity to go camping with us just this last week and she did amazing and thoroughly enjoyed herself! sHe has never shown aggression or any interest at all in chickens or ducks (although she is a bird dog We own horses and he does great. At first he tried to run up behind

them to investigate but once we told her no, she never entered the arena again, so she would do well on a farm! sHe loves to have hier favorite companion by her side at all times, even when eating. Weimaraners are clingy by breed but she does well when put into her crate for the work day or night. sHe has never had an accident in the house since we began fostering her (almost a month). not fixed, her previous owners could not afford to fix her before rehoming. sHe has not shown us any characteristics of an un-neutered dog, she is just sweet and goofy! Overall would be a perfect match for anyone with a yard and another dog or someone with a lot of energy . We are asking rehoming fee Thank you for your consideration!!!..... email us at

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